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What To Keep In Your Baby Changing Bag

Baby is officially here! Prepare for every little trip with our top tips on what to keep in your baby changing bag!

We know how crazy mum-life can be, so we’re here to help you make getting out the door with baby in tow as easy as possible. If you’re a parent, mama-to-be or have even looked after a loved one’s little one, you probably don’t need us to tell you - babies have lots of little baby essentials, which is why we’ve created the ultimate checklist (if we do say so ourselves), highlighting all the new baby essentials you need to pack in your baby changing bag that will ensure you make it to the shops, coffee with friends, or baby check-ups, in style (and preferably without baby sick down you!).

First things first, you need to find the most perfect baby changing bag to suit you and your lifestyle. Our brand-new Baby Changing Tote was designed for every mum and baby. As roomy as can be, this Baby Changing Tote is ideal for days out, going out for a family meal, and every other everyday adventure; it has both a top handle and detachable shoulder strap so they wear it their way, while having multiple internal pockets store every baby essential - plus, it even comes complete with a baby changing mat inside!

Or, if you’re popping round your besties house, or dropping in to your parents so baby can get some nanny and grandad cuddles, you might find our Baby Organising Pouch more handy. This compact style is great for holding a handful of nappies, those must-have baby wipes, a spare dummy, and teething toy - it even has an inspiring message stamped inside to remind mum, ‘You Got This’!

Your Changing Bag Checklist

Now you’ve chosen your Baby Changing Bag, now it’s time to tick off everything you need to pop inside it…

Our Baby Changing Tote comes with a baby changing mat inside, so it ticks all the boxes. You’ll want a wipeable style that you can wipe down easily, and it will need to be able to be folded down to take up0 minimum space in your baby changing bag.

As a standard, four nappies should last you for a day but the more you can pack the better - it’s always better to be prepared for those baby accidents! A nappy cream is an ointment that protects the baby’s skin by acting as a barrier between them and then nappy (and its contents!), so make sure it holds the kindest of ingredients.

Baby Wipes are an essential, whether you’re a new-mum or not! These one-use wonders are perfect for mopping up milk and food spills, baby’s chops, and nappy changes. Again, choose ones that are filled with ‘kind to skin’ ingredients that will keep your baby’s skin soft and safe. 

Probably the most multi-use piece in your baby changing bag, this ultimate baby essential has so many uses. A muslin cloth can be used for swaddling, mopping up spills, shielding the little one from wind or sun when they’re in their buggy, doubling up as a makeshift changing mat or bib, and so much more. 

Let’s face it, when a baby is about, spillages and mess will happen, which is why it’s always handy to carry a spare outfit with you! This could be a spare baby sleep suit, all-in-one, or even a Knitted Poncho when the weather turns a little colder. 

You might find that when you’re out and about, your baby might need that little bit of added comfort. A Comforter or snuggly Toy will settle them when they need to sleep, are feeling a little under the weather, or just want to play and develop many skills!

Your everyday essentials! Baby brain really is a thing, so it’s essential that you don’t forget your must-haves too. Your Purse and phone should be first on the list, so dedicate one pocket in your Baby Changing Bag just for you and your stuff and pop both of these inside it. Next, ensure your keys are easy to grab on the go with our selection of Keyrings, that will make it super easy to find them in your bag amongst all the baby bits! 

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