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When Life Gives You Lemons Candle

Sicilian Lemon and White Flower
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Care Instructions

Katie Loxton is a brand that’s driven by providing affordable luxury products that are of the highest quality. Help our designs live the life they deserve by following these top care tips:


  • Trim wick to ¼ inch before lighting each time.
  • Always snuff out the flame, do not blow it out.
  • To ensure the wax burns evenly, burn for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn candle out of reach of kids and pets.
  • Please take note of product label before use.

This zesty fragrance is sure to inspire and uplift. A vibrant blend of Sicilian Lemon and White Flower creates this happy and cheerful scent.

Product Details
Visible Weight 160g
Color White
Burn Time 25-30hrs
Fragrance Sicilian Lemon and White Flower
Height 8cm
Width 7cm
Material 100% soy wax/glass jar
Product Type Candles
Collection Santorini
Sentiment Inspiration
Payment Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, or Paypal Credit
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