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Dog Collar XS

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Care Instructions

Katie Loxton is a brand that’s driven by providing affordable luxury products that are of the highest quality. Help our designs live the life they deserve by following these top care tips:


  • Avoid contact with water.
  • Avoid contact with direct sunlight.
  • Wipe clean using a dry and soft cloth.

Turn your dog walk into a catwalk with our brand-new XS Dog Collar in pink. From the park to a dog-friendly pub, this cute collar will ensure your dog is on-trend and looking as cute as possible. We guarentee everyone will want to pet your pooch!

Product Details
Color Pink
Height 3/8"
Depth 0
Width 12 1/2"
Material PU
Product Type Pet Accessories
Dimensions 3/8" x 12 1/2"
Sentiment Pets
Payment Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, or Paypal Credit
Returns Simple Returns