Staff Spotlight: Jordan, Lead Designer

Meet the people behind our brand! We sat down with our Lead Designer, Jordan, to get the skinny on what it’s like to work for Katie Loxton…

Did you go to Uni? What did you study?

Yes I studied Advertising at UCA in Farnham.


What did you want to be when you were little?

A vet receptionist. I thought being the receptionist would mean I would just get to play with the animals all day...


What does a day in the life of a Katie Loxton designer look like?

I start the day with ‘Coffee Club’, checking emails and creating my to-do list. It’s hard to say what happens day-to-day as every day is completely different! It also depends on where we are in the season – at the start there is more creative concepting (the best part!) and then as samples come in Katie, the other design girls and I spend time checking we are happy with how they look, and feeding back to our suppliers to ensure we get the best of the best for our customers!

What do you love most about your role and the business?

The thing I love most about my role is the variety of work – from Baby Blankets to Sunglasses, to Home Fragrance to Bags! At Katie Loxton we cover lots of beautiful gifting moments but also some amazing trend-led bags and accessories – I love how versatile that has made me as a designer and makes every day exciting.

Since the day I started I always felt like my voice was heard and being a small team and working so closely with Katie, I have always felt inspired as a designer - no idea is ever a bad idea! This has created a really open, creative, and friendly working environment which is the thing I love most about the business.


Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Everywhere! Friends. Music. Social media. You can take inspiration from anything, even a walk which did inspire our ‘branches’ scarf print!


What is your proudest moment?

Work related: adapting to the new WFH lifestyle due to COVID19, and then designing and delivering two collections during the global pandemic - it definitely made us rethink what our customer wants from our products. Non-work related: skydiving over Lake Taupo in New Zealand!

If you had to be a Katie Loxton Bag – which one would it be?

The Kensington Weekend Bag – so I was always traveling!


If you could have one celeb wear a Katie Loxton Bag, who would it be?

We design our bags for every type of woman but if I had to choose a celeb…I love Emma Louise Connolly’s style and think she’s so fun and genuine - she is the epitome of a Katie Loxton girl! 


When you’re not working, what are you doing?

At the weekends I spend most of the time catching up with friends and family, but as a hobby I have always loved finding old things around the house or in charity shops and seeing what I can do to up-cycle them and give them a new lease of life!

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